Our Values

We help people live a lighter and healthier life. The Itrim network's common guiding star has been with us since the start and still shows us the way forward for big and small things, when things are easy and when the daily grind is tougher.

Today we are many people who work for Itrim in many different places around the country and with different experiences. Together we make up Itrim. Our common driving force, also the basis for what we together want to accomplish as a chain, can be summed up into our three most important values: success, expertise and commitment.


Success - for customers, employees, partners and company. A network is no stronger than its weakest link. We can only grow, develop and reach and help more people if all the links in this chain work and over time grow ever stronger. Our members' success is truly our coworkers', our centers' and the entire Itrim network's success.


Expertise - education, knowledge and experience based on science. The weight loss industry, dieting... a branch with many faults, short term trends and more or less scrupulous colleagues. If we want to earn our members' trust and be able to help them with sustainable weight loss, we need to have done our homework, wait on members hand and foot and constantly improve ourselves in both big and small areas. Which food, how much and how often, the best exercise and most motivation? Our job is to ask the experts that know the most, evaluate our members' experiences and results, question, continue our training and constantly put things together and improve the Itrim program, one step at a time.


Commitment - energy, passion and support when you need it most. Itrim was started with the ambition of reaching and helping as many people as possible. The road there is made up of hard work, just like it is for all our members: fun and successful mixed with setbacks and frustration, just like life in general.

We all just live once, right now. That is why we do our very best every day and have as much fun as we can. We hope you as a member, coworker or franchiser want to join us along the way.


Martin Anderlind CEO

Itrim Fact no. 35

All Lifestyle Coaches, Exercise Trainers and Center Managers receive extensive training at the Itrim Academy.