About Exercise

Itrim's exercise program helps you start and maintain a more physically active lifestyle, thereby improving your health.

As an exercise member, you have unlimited access to circuit exercise, which we call cardio training, at any Itrim center - come when it suits you. An Exercise Trainer is always available to offer support or help develop your cardio training.

An exercise session only takes 30 minutes and helps improve your fitness and strength. You adapt the intensity and duration of each exercise session to your own ability. You also get help from your Lifestyle Coach in increasing your everyday exercise by, for example, using a pedometer.

Every exercise member completes an introductory health assessment (background, experience, weight, waist circumference, body composition) with a Lifestyle coach. After that a 60 minute orientation in our cardio exercise is held. The circuit stations are presented and a short lecture about exercise and health is given. Health check ups are held every sixth month. You can also purchase additional health check ups and coaching reviews when you want. Itrim's exercise program is for 12 months.

Itrim Fact no. 52

At Itrim, acquiring awareness of everyday exercise is one of the things we focus on. There's a lot of exercise to be had in everyday life – and it comes completely free!