Planned Exercise

To improve strength and fitness, you need regular exercise where you improve muscles and oxygen uptake a little more. We recommend planned exercise that increases your heart rate 2-3 times a week.

Cardio exercise at Itrim centers

Itrim centers are equipped with an exercise circuit comprised of a number of strength and fitness stations where you improve fitness, burn fat and build muscle. An exercise session in the circuit takes only 30 minutes. The exercise machines are hydraulic and provide resistance in both directions, making the session effective and the exercises less fatiguing for your body. This also means you don't need to play around with settings on the machines.

You may at any time jump in anywhere in the exercise circuit and there is never a line to a station. At Itrim you get personal service and the exercise is adapted according to your preconditions. Stop by your nearest Itrim center for a free trial workout!

Itrim Fact no. 38

Different people have different needs when it comes to support and motivation. This is why Itrim has several different types of membership.