R & D

At Itrim, we are proud that our unique weight loss program is based on solid research and we put great emphasis on quality and continued development.

We perpetually strive to make our program even better for our members. With quality as a starting point, an active research and development program is being conducted in cooperation with leading researchers of overweight at Karolinska Institutet and Uppsala University, in Sweden. Cooperation with independent academics means that we receive objective evaluations and analyses of our results. It also means that we get the opportunity to certify the quality of the effects of the program from a social perspective by linking our own databases with the Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare's national quality register.

This kind of research provides us with invaluable data from which we can continue developing the Itrim program. This guarantees that Itrim's services will continue to be the best in the world.

Itrim Fact no. 36

Ever since the beginning of 2003, Itrim has been recording statistics of its members' weight loss results in a health database, for the purpose of developing the program and obtaining concrete proof that it works over the long term.