Itrim Sponsored Research

At Itrim we want to know that what we recommend to our members really works. That it works - and that it lasts over the long term. We have therefore been collecting our Swedish members' weight loss results, exercise frequency and other relevant variables in a health database since we started in 2003. All with the purpose of developing the program to benefit our members.

Phoenix, USA, The Obesity Society (2009)

Results: Overall weight loss at 12 months was 10.8 kg. The mean waist loss was 11.8 cm.

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Genevé, Schweiz, European Congress of Obesity (2007)

Results: A study focusing on if the Itrim program provides the same quality at all centers. An important variable to a chain Itrim. The results show that all Itrim center program provides the same high quality and thus weight results.

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Results: The study shows that customers who completed Itrim weight loss program lost an average of 11.7 kg after one year.

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Itrim Fact no. 59

Losing weight requires commitment and motivation, but after twelve weeks most people have managed to reach their ideal weight.