Scientific Advisory Board

At Itrim we don't take chances on whether our program works or not. And we don't think we can do everything ourselves, either. To ensure the quality of Itrim's services, a Scientific Advisory Board exists, comprised of independent medical researchers.

The Scientific Advisory Board supports the development of Itrim's programs and services and contributes to the development and analysis of Itrim's unique health database. The members of the Itrim Scientific Advisory Board are presented below:

Claude Marcus

Claude Marcus is a Professor at Karolinska Institutet and Chief Physician at Karolinska University Hospital, Huddinge, Sweden. He has been a member of Itrim's Scientific Advisory Board since 2003.

Claude Marcus has, among other things, founded the National Center for Overweight Children at Karolinska University Hospital, where he continues to work as a director of research. Professor Marcus was a member of the group of experts who wrote the SBU report no. 160 "Obesity -problems and actions" (2002) and is a member of the Stockholm county council group of experts for development of action programs for fighting obesity.

Martin Neovius

Martin Neovius became a Doctor of Medicine at Karolinska Institutet 2005, and a member of Itrim's Scientific Advisory Board in 2008.

Martin's doctoral thesis was written at the Obesity Unit at Karolinska Institutet, Huddinge, Sweden. In addition, Martin did his graduate studies at the Stockholm School of Economics. Martin has, among other things, been an expert reviewer for the World Health Organization and is researching the following at Karolinska Institutet: trends of overweight in Sweden, productivity cost related to overweight and obesity (early retirement, absences due to sickness, premature death), as well as economic evaluations (cost-effectiveness analyses) of surgery and pharmaceuticals for obesity.

Johan Sundström

Johan Sundström is associate professor for cardiovascular epidemiology at Uppsala University and a physician at the Emergency Care department at Uppsala University Hospital, Sweden. He has been a member of Itrim's Scientific Advisory Board since 2005.

The purpose of Johan's research is to discover and evaluate risk factors for heart attacks, heart failure and stroke, including, among other things, metabolic syndrome, a problem with the metabolism of sugar and fat. Johan Sundström has also participated in the well-known Framingham Heart Study.

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