Group Sessions

As a weight loss member you are also part of a weight loss group that meets every other week at fixed times. At the group sessions, lead by your Lifestyle coach, you learn more about meals, movement and motivation and get support and inspiration from other in the same situation.

During the first year, the group meets 20 times, every other week except during the summer months. During the second year, the group meets 10 times, once a month except during the summer months.

Why group sessions?

Seeing how it goes for others in a similar situation and sharing tips and experience from both triumphs and setbacks often provide useful distance and insight that you are not alone in your situation. By listening to others, you can discover that there are different ways of dealing with the same problem and that there are different ways of handling a situation.

Group sessions during the weight loss phase

During the first 12 weeks of the first year, our participants focus on weight loss. During these weeks, the group sessions are mostly about facts and knowledge regarding food and exercise. We learn more about different nutrients and about energy balance. We provide information about the advantages of regular exercise. All this to provide members with the knowledge they then need to maintain their weight or lose those last pounds and stop at a healthy weight.

Group sessions during the rest of the first year

It now becomes more important to really work on your motivation, to stay committed and have the strength to change one's habits and not fall back into the old ones. Now group sessions are more about discussion and reflection exercises, individually and in groups. Members who want to can share their experiences, both when things go well and when life is challenging. There are often lots of discussions about strategies for handling challenges everyday or ahead of, for example, Christmas weekend and summer vacation which are challenging periods for many members.

Group sessions during the balance phase (year two)

The balance phase is about getting inspired towards a continued healthy lifestyle that really works in one's everyday life. The focus is not on weight loss, but on keeping the drive and motivation towards a good lifestyle. During this year, group sessions are mainly about inspiration, deeper knowledge about different areas, (for example exercise, everyday cooking, stress, etc.).

Itrim Fact no. 36

Ever since the beginning of 2003, Itrim has been recording statistics of its members' weight loss results in a health database, for the purpose of developing the program and obtaining concrete proof that it works over the long term.