Individual Support

Within the Itrim program, all members get both an initial health assessment and regular health check ups together with their Lifestyle Coach. Members who choose the Gold or Silver program also get a number of coaching reviews, where you receive additional support for your new lifestyle.

Health assessment

You start your Itrim program with a health assessment. In one hour you and your Lifestyle Coach document your current situation: your current health status, your food and exercise habits, and the causes of your excess weight. Your length, weight, body fat levels, blood pressure and waist circumference are measured. During the health assessment you also write down your personal goals, what you alone want to accomplish with your time at Itrim and how you will reach your goals. For example, which menu and level of exercise suit you best. Our Lifestyle Coaches are well educated and often have extensive experience in helping people make sustainable lifestyle changes.

Health check up

Within the Itrim program you meet regularly with your Lifestyle Coach to follow up on how things are going. In a half an hour you follow up on the measurements taken at the initial health assessment (weight, body fat levels, waist circumference and blood pressure), as well as the food and exercise habits you decided to change. Together you set new, specific goals for the coming period and discuss strategies for getting past the challenges that turn up along the way.

Coaching reviews

Since different people for a variety of reasons need different levels of individual support, you can choose the Gold or Silver program and get a number of coaching reviews with your Lifestyle Coach. These reviews provide you with the support you need for your specific situation, and their purpose is to keep you motivated during the journey and effectively pull you out of the slumps that can occur. You can also get the challenge you need then and there, so you summon resources that you might have been aware of. Changing your lifestyle can be a challenging journey. A number of coaching reviews can be a big help.

In addition to the support included in the selected program, all members may book extra coaching reviews as needed.

Itrim Fact no. 31

Itrim cooperates with an external medical Scientific Advisory Board in order to continually update and develop the Itrim program. The Scientific Advisory Board consists of Professor Claude Marcus, Associate Professor Johan Sundström and Associate Professor Martin Neovius.