The Itrim program

Itrim's weight loss program runs for two years and consists of three phases: the weight loss phase, the improvement phase and the balance phase (year two).

All participants in Itrim's weight loss program receive an individually customized action plan. Together with a personal Lifestyle Coach, an initial health assessment and several regular health check ups are completed to establish goals and continually follow them up. Health check ups include among other things, history of excess weight, eating and exercise habits, body measurements (weight, waistline and fat percentage) and recording blood pressure.

To participate in Itrim's weight loss program, you must be 18 or older and without a previously diagnosed eating disorder. Pregnant women are not allowed to join Itrim's weight loss program either.

Phase 1: Weight loss (weeks 1-12)

The weight loss phase runs for twelve weeks and is designed to achieve weight loss and to break bad food habits. During the weight loss phase, you meet with your Lifestyle Coach for individual coaching reviews and participate in group sessions every other week. There are 3 different menus for weight loss in the Itrim program: Rapid, Varied or Palm portion -diet.

  • Rapid: Only meal replacements for 3-12 weeks, which generate weight loss of approx. 12-18 kg (26-40 lbs).
  • Varied: A combination of meal replacements and normal but low fat/high fiber food, which generates weight loss of 8-12 kg (18-26 lbs).
  • Palm portion -diet: Normal but low fat/high fiber food, which generates weight loss of 4-8 kg (9-18 lbs).

Itrim has its own, quality-certified line of meal replacements, which are approved by the Swedish National Food Administration. For normal food, we recommend low fat and high fiber food. We use Itrim's Palm method.

Phase 2: Improvement (weeks 12-24)

After the first twelve weeks, we start the improvement phase, that continues through the remainder of the first year. Now you get help in establishing new, healthy and realistic food and exercise habits. You continue meeting with your weight loss group every other week and have individual counseling and check ups with your Lifestyle Coach.

Phase 3: Balance (year two)

After the first year you have the choice of continuing with a second year, the "balance phase". Ten regularly scheduled group sessions as well as individual counseling will help you make your new food and exercise habits permanent. All so that your weight loss will be stable and permanent.


We recommend that you exercise at Itrim 2-3 times a week and make everyday exercise a habit. Our exercise facility is specially designed so members may simply and easily improve both their fitness and strength. Each exercise session is for 30 minutes. Every center has changing rooms with showers.

Research as the basis for Itrim's program

The research which has most influenced the content of Itrim's program is a large study from the USA, the National Weight Control Registry Study (NWCR, In a nutshell, NWCR is a survey of individuals who, using different methods, successfully maintained a weight loss of 14 kg (31 lbs) for at least five years. The habits that study participants had in common were clear: they ate a lot of fiber and limited their intake of fat and sugar. They weighed themselves regularly, had a stable meal plan (breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks), and exercised every day.

Another important study, that has greatly influenced the design of the weight loss program, is a comprehensive Swedish overview of measures taken to treat obesity, which was conducted in 2002 by the Swedish Council on Health Technology Assessment. The Swedish report shows that people who exercised, lost a lot of weight in the beginning -often with a very low calorie diet (VLCD), and participated in a long term support program had the best long term weight loss.

To ensure the quality of Itrim's services, a Scientific Advisory Board exists, comprised of independent medical researchers. The Scientific Advisory Board supports the development of Itrim's programs and services and contributes to the development and analysis of Itrim's unique health database.

Itrim Fact no. 31

Itrim cooperates with an external medical Scientific Advisory Board in order to continually update and develop the Itrim program. The Scientific Advisory Board consists of Professor Claude Marcus, Associate Professor Johan Sundström and Associate Professor Martin Neovius.