Itrim's Palm Portion System

Itrim's Palm portion system doesn't just help you estimate the proportions of meat, fish, vegetables, bread etc. you should eat, but also the amount of food you should put on your plate.

Itrim's Palm portion system is a further development of the well known Plate model. The Palm portion system builds on the simple fact that the size of your hand is closely connected to your muscle mass and thus your metabolism and corresponding energy needs.

It is easy to eat according to Itrim's Palm portion system. You eat according to Palm portion -diet when you want to lose weight and according to Palm portion -balance when you want to maintain a stable weight. You measure the amount of protein with your palm (the size and thickness of your hand without fingers and thumb) and the amount of carbohydrates with your fist. You don't need to weigh your food or count calories.

Itrim Fact no. 59

Losing weight requires commitment and motivation, but after twelve weeks most people have managed to reach their ideal weight.