Easy Recipes for Palm Portions

Sometimes it feels like basic everyday meals are the hardest ones to find inspiration for. If you are also concerned about maintaining your weight or losing weight, this becomes an even greater challenge.

Itrim's cookbook - Easy recipes with the Palm portion system helps you plan all the day's meals, from filling breakfasts and nutritious snacks to easy lunches, varied dinners and more luxurious party dishes. Each recipe also has clear instructions about how to use Itrim's Palm portion system when you estimate portion size.

The book also provides an introduction to Itrim's Palm portion system and many practical tips for improving your food habits and achieving a lighter and healthier life.

Itrim Fact no. 34

Ever since the beginning of 2003, Itrim has been recording statistics of its members' weight loss results in a health database, for the purpose of developing the program and obtaining concrete proof that it works over the long term.