Meal Replacements

Meal replacements combined with individual counseling is a proven successful and safe way of losing weight over the long term.

Most clinical studies around the world show that fast weight loss in the beginning, where you combine meal replacements and changing behavior, is key to sustainable weight loss. Breaking old, bad habits and quickly seeing results increases your motivation. Then you practice new food habits and a new lifestyle to make the weight loss permanent.

About LCD
LCD (Low Calorie Diet) is a term for food meant to be used in a limited calorie diet for weight loss. LCD meal replacements provide all the nutrients, including the vitamins and minerals you need, with only 200–400 calories for each meal.

The content of LCD products in Sweden is mainly regulated by requirements the Swedish National Food Administration places on the products to ensure that they contain all the nutrients you need, but still have a limited number of calories. From a nutrition standpoint, meal replacements are often a better choice than most fast food options.

Meal replacements are a simple way to quickly and easily consume a good meal/snack with balanced and well prepared nutritional content. The only thing you need to make it complete is to drink water.

Itrim Fact no. 57

Our exercise program is a circuit training program which will help you burn fat and develop muscle at the same time. And the fact that the whole program takes just 30 minutes means you still have time for other things.