Anna Can Finally Maintain Her Weight!

-14 kg (-31 lbs)

Anna, who always worked out a lot and competed both in gymnastics and dance, had no energy any longer. The paralyzing tiredness made her think she was sick.

- The doctor said I was fit as a fiddle, but I didn't recognize myself. I was constantly tired and felt very unhappy with myself. Clumsy! I cried in front of the closet because nothing fit.
A friend recommended Itrim to Anna and nine months ago she went to an information session and immediately understood that Itrim was something for her.

- I am an impatient person and want to see quick results on the scale. I ate only meal replacements and lost 14 kg (31 lbs) in ten weeks. It was pretty monotonous, but actually much easier than I thought it would be. Uncomplicated. It was about making up your mind.

Difficult on your own
Christine Evensson runs Itrim Sickla and knows that many members are attracted by the fast weight loss in the beginning. But she also knows that weight loss itself often isn't the hardest part. It's later, when the new habits are put in place that the real challenges come.

- The brain's behavioral patterns are difficult to change. At Itrim we work to achieve sustainable weight loss through the three parts: Meals, Movement and Motivation. A change in your lifestyle takes at least a year to achieve and it's been said that only one out of ten people can lose weight on their own.

Fantastic staff
At Itrim Anna has gotten help to identify the reasons why she gains weight and why she falls back into the same patterns.

- The staff are just fantastic! It is so informal there. They know who everyone is and you always feel welcome. It's quite unique I think! By identifying my weaknesses, I have an easier time avoiding them. I have tried different diets over the years and have attended Weight Watchers a couple of times, but never achieved my goal. Sure I lost weight - but then I gained it back, plus some, again.

Candy and sweet rolls are the enemy
In Anna's case it's not the food that is the problem. She is good at eating healthy food in appropriate amounts. Her weakness is candy and sweet rolls.

- It is almost like an addiction. I eat candy when nobody is looking and hide the noisy paper bag from my husband. But now I have confessed and identified the problem, so it is easier to handle. And more difficult to sneak around...

Different with Itrim!
It's hard to believe that Anna was overweight and tired since today she is a bundle of energy with a contagious glint in her eye.

Itrim Fact no. 39

Research into excess weight and health clearly shows that personal support improves your chances of successfully losing weight over the long term.