Everyday exercise

Most of our physical activity is done in our everyday life. Walking to school, work or to the bus stop. The stairs to the office or the bike ride to the store. The duration of the different activities doesn't matter. All your steps count!

At Itrim, we focus on becoming aware of daily exercise. It's easy to become more active in our everyday life -for free!

Daily exercise tips:

  • Take the stairs instead of the escalator/elevator
  • Use public transportation
  • Get off one bus stop early
  • Walk the dog one more time
  • Take the neighbor's dog for a walk
  • Shovel the last bit of snow
  • Clean the street/sidewalk from sand or gravel
  • Take your bike out for a spin
  • Enjoy the spring sun -somewhere you have never been before (and walk there!)
  • Play Wii Sport
  • Go for a walk with your children, your colleagues, your husband/wife, your neighbor
  • Print out documents on a printer at the other end of the office
  • Have walking meetings outside
  • Get lost

Itrim Fact no. 38

Different people have different needs when it comes to support and motivation. This is why Itrim has several different types of membership.